The International School Nido de Aguilas

Student Activities

The Nido co-curricular enrichment program provides an exploratory, authentic learning environment that fosters extensive, non-competitive growth in the visual and performing arts, sciences, culture, fitness, and wellness. Learning can take place anywhere. The program serves as a network for integrated education beyond the classroom to broaden student exposure through a dynamic range of disciplines and activities.

Nido's ASA Program is designed to...

  • Build confidence and character
  • Nurture community
  • Support the whole child, whole person
  • Experiment with new ideas, disciplines, and practices
  • Encourage finding and knowing oneself

...and, most importantly, to inspire fun in a stress-free environment.

After School Activities


Students register for ASAs on Schoolsbuddy at the beginning of each semester. Activity allocation is via a preference based system, and Nido offers a wide range of engaging, impactful opportunities that empower our learners to connect authentically, explore with curiosity, and act purposefully. Nido offers interscholastic sports at the MS and HS level through the Athletics Department.