The International School Nido de Aguilas

MS Overnight Excursions

Each grade in the MS participates in a developmentally appropriate outdoor education experience. On these trips, students step out of their comfort zones as they learn the importance of collaboration, patience, and respect.

In Grade 6, students will embark on a three-day program to Portillo, in which they participate in trekking, rock climbing, and bouldering, as well as workshops on local flora and fauna, mythology, and team building. Students are accompanied by Nido teachers and guides from Latitud 90, a local company with 20 years of experience in Outdoor/Adventure Education here in Chile. Each student grows in his or her role as an individual member of a team, through problem solving in groups and learning about environmental conservation.


In Grade 7, students participate in a week-long trip to Los Pellines. These students spend five days and four nights in a unique location known for its biodiversity, just a few hours south of Santiago. This trip advances Nido’s mission of environmental awareness and responsibility. Students participate in a variety of adventure activities, such as trekking and water sports, and receive lessons on local flora and fauna. Building on the Grade 6 trip, which emphasized the individual’s role on a team, the Grade 7 trip focuses on the team as a whole. Students are divided into groups and presented with a wide range of challenges that they must solve together.

In Grade 8, students return to Los Pellines for a five-day adventure. The week serves as the culminating outdoor education experience in the MS, as students are introduced to different leadership styles and then challenged to use them in their daily activities, with more emphasis on each student cultivating his or her own unique abilities. The Grade 8 activities have been structured specifically for students aged 13 to 15 and have been tailored to cater to students’ cognitive, emotional, and physical stages.

Before, during, and after each of these trips, students reflect upon their individual and team contributions in an effort to improve their problem-solving skills and sense of teamwork, aspects of their characters that are necessary for success in any environment.