The International School Nido de Aguilas

Nido Curriculum

At Nido de Aguilas, excellence in academics is complemented by dynamic arts and athletics programs, guidance in social/emotional learning, service learning and community outreach, and a tradition of outdoor education. Our world-class faculty has a richness of experience and education that, when combined with dynamic individual teaching styles, fully engages students in their learning and are happy to be at school each morning.

All courses at Nido are taught in English, with the exception of foreign language courses and the Chilean National Plan courses in the High School. Language acquisition support is provided for students entering with limited proficiency in English. Every student in Kinder 2 through Grade 12 is required to take a Spanish class each term.

Nido is divided into four divisions: the Early Years School, the Elementary School, the Middle School, and the High School. Curriculum planning takes place both within and across the divisions to ensure a coherent, coordinated educational experience in which learning and knowledge are cumulative. In this way, Nido students feel themselves growing in confidence and ability and are open to greater challenges and broader horizons with every passing year.



At Nido, we value a love of learning, academic excellence, and individual student growth. In the Early Years School and the Elementary School, Nido uses a standards-based teaching and learning system to assess student performance and progress.

In EYS students, we look for evidence of meeting developmental milestones, and teachers guide students along this important foundational journey. In the Elementary School, students receive a standards based report card designed to communicate accurate information about student progress relative to Nido's educational standards. The Middle and High Schools use a numeric grading scale, and teachers explain very clearly what their expectations are with each assignment or examination and give detailed feedback on student work.

In all divisions, teachers encourage students to embrace a growth mindset, learning from their mistakes and understanding that talent and ability improve with diligence, commitment, and self-confidence.

Nido evaluates student and curricular performance through many different means of assessment, including standardized testing. Nido regularly uses the MAP, OLSAT, SIMCE, and SSAT to assess student progress, depending on grade level. To assist students applying to gifted and talented enrichment programs, to colleges and universities, for scholarships, and for college credit, Nido assists with the PSAT, SAT, ACT, PSU, IB External Assessment, and AP Content Area Exams.