The International School Nido de Aguilas


The Nido Middle School offers a comprehensive program that consists of core classes (Humanities, Math, Science, and Spanish), as well as courses in Physical Education and the Fine and Performing Arts. Our technology curriculum is integrated into our students’ coursework, and all Grade 6 students begin MS with an IT course to prepare them for more advanced computing skills. English as a Second Language instruction and the MS Learning Support Center both provide academic support for students in need.

Our Advisory Program promotes a sense of community. Relationships are at the core of a successful learning community. Our advisory program helps develop relationships by providing students with one teacher and a small group of peers for supporting social and emotional learning. Our advisory program uses a scope and sequence of Caring School Community and draws from the work of CASEL.

Advisory class is a place where students learn the social skills needed for developing proficiency in each of the five social and emotional competencies identified by CASEL. 

We also offer a rich menu of after-school sports and clubs. These activities typically are sponsored by members of the Nido staff, and they provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests and to feel a deeper sense of connection.