The International School Nido de Aguilas

University Placement

Nido’s University & College Counseling Program provides students and parents with a holistic framework for university and college admissions. Nido students learn about and are admitted to outstanding colleges and universities around the world, and we work with our students to ensure that they are looking for schools that are a good fit for them across many dimensions – academic, social, geographic, personal, and for their careers and passions.

A variety of inventory tests on career aptitude, personality, and learning styles are given to students throughout their high school years to facilitate individualized planning. Our counselors keep students informed about summer enrichment opportunities and can assist with finding internships here in Santiago or across the globe. We connect students with Nido parents, alumni, or other friends of the School who can give them more insight into different career choices, and we help students figure out what various career paths look like.

Our team helps students register for the correct admissions tests required by different universities in different countries. We arrange visits from admissions representatives from universities and colleges from around the world, and counselors take students on university visits to the US once or twice a year. We work with students to keep them adhering to admissions timelines and guidelines and help them manage the inevitable stresses of searching for, applying to, and then choosing the right university or college. Our Guidance and Counseling Team helps the College Counseling Team support them throughout the entire process of working towards figuring out where they will go and what they will do after Nido, and once they have been accepted to and chosen an exciting new path, helping them prepare for the journey ahead.

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University and College Counseling Team

Ian Lally

University Counselor, Department Head of High School Guidance


Robert Kostrzeski

High School Counselor & University Counseling Coordinator


NACAC Member


IACAC Member