The International School Nido de Aguilas

Guidance & Counseling

The HS Guidance and Counseling Team is committed to supporting pursuit of all forms of student wellness, encompassing physical, mental, academic, emotional, and social well-being. We offer comprehensive counseling services promoting physical and mental wellness, supporting them through the university selection and application process and major life transitions, teaching them essential life skills, and helping them navigate the difficult socio-emotional situations that arise during the high school years. Our Guidance and Counseling Team helps students develop a better understanding of themselves, recognizes their individual strengths and weaknesses, and helps them make good, realistic, values-based decisions and plans.

Socio-emotional Learning and Wellness

Our team offers courses, division-wide programming, and individual, small-group, and large-group counseling and consultation. When appropriate, our counselors also serve as liaisons and intermediaries, and they coordinate communication among students, parents, teachers, administration, learning support staff, and any outside specialists involved. Students may request an appointment with a counselor on their own, or teachers or parents may refer them. Parents also may request an appointment to discuss concerns that arise.

Students may be scheduled for regular counseling sessions to work on issues that are be interfering with academic performance or personal development. Counselors assist with planning and facilitating appropriate interventions for students having difficulties, tracking their progress, and serving as information and communication hubs for everyone involved in the student’s case. When appropriate, the counselors will refer students or families to psychological or medical specialists within the community.

Any student voluntarily seeking assistance with a personal problem from the school counselors is guaranteed confidentiality unless the counselor determines that there is a physical or emotional danger to the student, another student, or the student body.

Wellness at Nido covers a student’s overall physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive well-being and emphasizes the mind-body connection that is important to achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Courses, programming, study breaks, and daily reminders encourage students to practice mindfulness and live a healthy lifestyle in support of academic excellence and in pursuit of living our Nido values, especially happiness.

Student Support Team

The High School is able to offer limited support to students needing minor assistance with learning differences or English-language acquisition. We use a Student Support Team (SST) model, comprised of counselors, teachers, administrators, and any outside specialists who might be assisting the student. The team shares information, creates action plans to support students and their families, facilitates interventions, tracks progress, and coordinates continued communication among team members, teachers, and the student and his or her family.

To inquire about the school’s ability to meet specific student learning needs, please contact the Admissions Office to arrange an interview to discuss whether Nido could be a good fit for your child.

English for Academic Purposes

The EAP program is designed to meet the needs of students entering Nido with limited proficiency in English. All students, regardless of which diploma they are pursuing, will need to progress to fluency in the English language for academic success at Nido, as all courses, except foreign language classes and Chilean National Program classes, are taught in English. To assist students, Language Acquisition Specialists offer English for Academic Purposes courses and offer a limited amount of push-in support in selected courses.

Learning Support in HS

Students who received Learning Support Services in Grade 8 may continue to receive services in Grade 9-10 to support their successful transition to the High School. This is an important transition in a young person's life, and our goal is to create the best possible conditions at Nido for each student’s academic success. Eligible Grade 9-10 students can receive additional support and instruction in core academic courses.

The Learning Support program in Grades 9-10 is an elective class that provides support in core academic classes. In the Learning Support class, students receive individual and small-group instruction. Additionally, the Learning Support teacher conducts close monitoring of the student’s classroom performance, may offer push-in support to selected core academic courses, and frequently consults with the classroom teachers. In addition, the Learning Support teacher may also meet with students during the High School Flex Time.