The International School Nido de Aguilas

Dress Code

High School students are expected to adopt and maintain their personal appearance in accordance with the expectations of the society in which we live and learn. They are asked to comply with what Nido considers to be appropriate dress and personal appearance for a school setting. Our Dress/Appearance Code is based on such considerations as cleanliness, modesty, concern for different cultural expectations and norms, and generally accepted standards of appropriateness for students of high school age.

The following are some guidelines as to what is considered appropriate. The school reserves the right to specify what is appropriate in individual cases.

  • Clothing must be neat, clean, mended, not provocative or obscene in any way; no undergarments shall be displayed, no pants or skirts may be worn below the hip, and all shorts and skirts shall be at least mid-thigh. In particular, bare midriffs, torn jeans or clothes, bathing suits, and T-shirts or clothes with inappropriate logos or messages are not allowed.
  • Footwear should be clean, in good repair, and safe for walking around campus.
  • Hair should be appropriately cut and well groomed.
  • No rings that require piercing are permitted unless they fall under the category of earrings or are not visible. Earrings for boys are not allowed. No offensive ornaments are to be worn by any student.
  • Hats and sunglasses may be worn only outside the classroom.

Physical Education Uniforms

Athletic uniforms specified by the PE department are required when participating in PE class and sports-related after-school activities. Uniforms consist of:

  • Blue Nido PE athletic shirt with white panels and red piping or NPA Spirit Wear Nido labelled t-shirt (blue, grey, or white)
  • NPA Nido track pants or Girls/Unisex PE sweat pants with white piping or Nido shorts during the summer
  • Nido hoodie
  • Athletic shoes that do not mark gymnasium floors

Nido Aquatics Swimsuit Policy

Nido students must purchase their own swimsuits for use in the Aquatics Program, both for regular Physical Education classes and for after-school swimming programs. Swimsuits with Nido insignia may be purchased from the NPA Store. Students may also wear other swimsuits meeting the following specifications:

Girls: One-piece sport swimsuit of 100% nylon, Lycra, or nylon/Lycra mix. Must be free of buttons and jewelled accessories and reflect a modest cut and style and include a strap around the neck or over both shoulders. It is best to avoid suits that are white or light in color. All students must wear a swim cap, regardless of hair length.

Boys: Boys’ suits must be 100% nylon with a mesh liner recommended. The suit may not hang below the knees and must fit snugly at the waistline. Lycra rash swim shirts are allowed, as long as the material is the same as a regular swim shirt and the shirt is not restrictive for swimming movements. All students must wear a swim cap, regardless of hair length.

Uniform Suppliers

The following suppliers have our PE uniforms in stock or are prepared to obtain them on short notice; please note that the prices, quality, and exact style vary by supplier:

NPA Store

Open Monday through Thursday 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm and Friday 11:45 pm to 3:30 pm. Located to the left of the main entry stairwell next to the horseshoe parking bays.


Balmoral 163, Las Condes. Phone +56 2 2212 8540

Claro Oscuro

Av. La Dehesa 1939, Lo Barnechea. Phone +56 2 2951 6901

Cerro Colorado 5812, Las Condes. Phone +56 2 2246 1941 / +56 2 2246 0416