The International School Nido de Aguilas

Kinder 1

Our Kinder 1 students challenge themselves by thinking more broadly and conceptually about their projects, lessons, and activities. They learn to listen thoughtfully and to share ideas, questions, and information during group discussions. Pre-literacy skills are emphasized as students begin to tell their own stories and learn to organize ideas and to present events and information sequentially. Fluent language, a burgeoning vocabulary, and thoughtful listening build the foundation for reading and writing. Charts, poems, a morning message, the daily schedule, and predictable Big Books are read aloud with the help of a few children at a time or with the whole class in chorus. They continue their investigation of letters and sounds as they write their names, captions, simple messages, or dictate stories. An emphasis on English in the classroom continues as native and non-native speakers alike progress toward fluency in the language.

Kinder 1 projects introduce more complex concepts that require students to make connections between and build on material and ideas they have learned throughout the four-week project cycle.

Basic mathematical and scientific thinking is taught through hands-on games and activities, and with the help of the teachers, students learn how to collaborate on group projects. The curriculum continues to be enriched with music, art, and physical education. Kinder 1 students also become familiar and comfortable with Nido’s Learning Commons and our wonderful librarians. Emphasis on social and emotional learning continues, and teachers and counselors track students’ individual progress as part of the standards-based assessment that helps ensure that we are attending to all cognitive, emotional, social, and physical aspects of your child’s development.