The International School Nido de Aguilas

Dress Code

EYS students are not required to wear a uniform. Students should wear seasonal, comfortable clothing appropriate for a school setting and activities, including indoor and outdoor play. Students must wear a sun hat for outdoor activities and may choose to wear smocks over their clothes for protection during special activities such as Art. Students may wear any combination of Nido clothing if they choose and may want to wear Nido PE clothing, or any athletic clothing, for their physical education classes. Nido clothing is available from several suppliers. NPA Spirit Wear is available only from the NPA Store.

Nido Aquatics Swimsuit Policy

Nido students must purchase their own swimsuits for use in the Aquatics Program, both for regular Physical Education classes and for after-school swimming programs. Swimsuits with Nido insignia may be purchased from the NPA Store. Students may also wear other swimsuits meeting the following specifications:


One-piece sport swimsuit of 100% nylon, Lycra, or nylon/Lycra mix. Must be free of buttons and jewelled accessories and reflect a modest cut and style and include a strap around the neck or over both shoulders. It is best to avoid suits that are white or light in color. All students must wear a swim cap, regardless of hair length.


Boys’ suits must be 100% nylon with a mesh liner recommended. The suit may not hang below the knees and must fit snugly at the waistline. Lycra rash swim shirts are allowed, as long as the material is the same as a regular swim shirt and the shirt is not restrictive for swimming movements. All students must wear a swim cap, regardless of hair length.

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