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Sports Education Unit: Invasion Games

Mr. Madden's 7th and 8th Grade P.E. classes recently wrapped up a 6-week Sports Education Unit (Invasion Games) culminating in the Eagle Cup finals of their Champions League.

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On June 1 and 2 in the theater, the High School musical theater ensemble will present Act I of Steven Sondheim's masterpiece Into the Woods.

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NPA New Books Fair

The Nido Parent Association (NPA) is hosting a New Books Fair. Come to find the books your children will enjoy during vacations. When? Wednesday, May 24 - Friday, May 26 right by the School Entrance.

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The Nido Parent Association (NPA) is hosting a Used Uniform Sale this Friday, May 26, from 12pm to 3pm in International Park. Come and find great deals and the best prices!

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Grade 10 STEAM Fair

In the midst of IB exams, the High School Science, Math, Tech and Fine Arts faculty pulled together an impressive 2-day STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) event for students in Grade 10. All of the students involved learned about much more than the number crunching components of the STEAM acronym.

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Theater Ensemble presents Stanford County Prison

The HS class of Theater Ensemble will present an adaptation of the Stanford Prison Experiment film released in 2015. This screen play was based on the true events of an experiment that took place in Stanford University in 1971 by Dr. Phillip Zimbardo.

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