The International School Nido de Aguilas

Elementary School

Welcome to Nido's Elementary School!

With over 600 students hailing from over 30 different countries, the Elementary School is focused on improving student academic learning, as well as developing social and emotional skills, through our Elementary School values of Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness. It is a privilege to work with our Nido parents as partners in your child’s learning.

Our students, who range in age from six to eleven years old, are carefully guided by their teachers through developmentally appropriate learning activities designed to lead them to new levels of achievement and success. Nido is a learning-focused school, and the successful development and happiness of children is at the heart of every learning activity in the classroom, theater, art room, or playing field.

In addition to our core learning experiences, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular experiences such as after school sports, activities, field trips, and many other school-wide activities like our Chilean Independence Day celebrations, Fiesta Huasa, and Kermess.

Through play and learning, our students are provided with a standards-based education which will prepare them for success in Middle School and beyond. Enriched by a diverse community of children from around the world, Nido de Aguilas offers a comprehensive school program designed to meet the needs of children in an ever-changing world.

We look forward to a wonderful year full of fun and learning for your child in the Elementary School, where everyone is welcome and appreciated.


Brian P. Donaldson

Elementary School Principal


Grade 2 Poetry Cafe and Fundraiser

Last week, our 2nd graders not only stretched their imagination celebrating their Poetry Unit, but decided it was the best place for some serious fundraising to help the those affected by the wildfires in the south.

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Parent Hike: Explore the Nido Hills and Outdoor Education

Parents are invited to spend a morning exploring the hills of Nido with Outdoor Education Coordinator Zack Beaty. Get inspired about one of the main tenants that makes a Nido education special—the commitment to hands-on, experiential learning and the Outdoor Education program. Take in the beauty of Nido's surrounding land while learning about the exciting future of the Outdoor Education program and building community with other parents.

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